Three baby steps I’ve tackled in the first week since my depression diagnosis.

While today started with a real struggle to get going, ultimately there were three very important baby steps that took place that I’d like to acknowledge and give a bit of power to.

  1. I’ve set a new rule for myself, which I’ve asked my landlord to help enforce. The curtains to the apartment must remain open – that includes all blinds – while it is light out. First thing in the morning all the way through to when the sun sets. I have gotten too casual with shutting everything and sitting in darkness for most of the evening and in the past this has happened over an entire weekend. Check.
  2. I decided that it was time for a walk today, even if just around the block. The weather has been fairly miserable – windy and rainy – so I set off in what I can only call an impulse-decision, committed to walking around the block. To my “I usually run 5-10km’s on the beach every weekend” self, this may seem like nothing, but considering where I’m at this week, this was a big victory. The wind turned my umbrella inside out, I got soaked by the rain, but hell, I actually did it. Check.
  3. I went to the beach to watch the sunset. To clarify, my landlord drove me there as I had been indoors for too long. I spent about 90 minutes watching the waves and enjoying and appreciating my surroundings, albeit from inside the car. I used to love going to the beach, and am making a mental note to do this more often, especially when someone invites me to go with them. Check, Check, Check.

Tonight I’m appreciative of these three things, and counting them as notches in my belt, as I continue on this journey of recovery.

Conrad was here.

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