“A Fever Poetry” may well be the most introspective piece in the ‘Autumn Haze’ anthology. Read it now.

“A Fever Poetry” by Conrad Schwellnus How are you seen, does it even really matter? The ingredients gently mixed, into a tumbling sourdough batter. To be successful you need to be loved, to make it out you should be liked, A world alone that lingers, where your emotions have been spiked. Shelf life aside, you’d […]

A realisation around how we should be closing chapters, and generally try to navigate change in our lives.

My latest podcast episode might be titled like a Game of Thrones episode (it’s called “Winds of Change”), but I promise that it will contain far less theatrics and twists and turns, being dedicated solely to leaving you satisfied (sorry, GOT writers) with a few learnings around how we deal with change. I felt a […]

“Safely in my Heart”, the next poem in the ‘Autumn Haze’ series, is all about the courage to be your true self.

“Safely in my Heart” by Conrad Schwellnus Keep shining little boy, No matter your preference, nor the colors bringing you joy. You can be who you want, even in a world ever cruel, One day it will all be over, with your victory in the duel. Sparkle in pink, you wear it oh so well, […]

I’m heading to Brazil next week to reflect, celebrate and get out of my comfort zone just a bit.

Contrary to popular belief, I won’t be going into hiding as a result of ‘Game of Thrones‘ coming to an end. This year, I have some surprising plans for winter in the southern hemisphere, which include reflecting, celebrating and pushing myself out of my comfort zone just a little. Gently and kindly so, of course, […]

Inspired by a chance encounter, “Pink Scarf” is the next poem to be published as part of the ‘Autumn Haze’ anthology.

“Pink Scarf” by Conrad Schwellnus Pink scarf, you smile at me, A drawing of my soul, this is somewhat sure to be. The reason that we’re here, in this moment we connect, Hook, line and sinker, are we in the ship to wreck? A shadow lurks in peace, alive beyond your years, Your rings are […]

Let’s talk about some things to try when you start to feel a little bit stuck.

We’ve all been there. You wake up one morning, and for whatever reason, you realise that you’ve become a little bit stuck in your life. Perhaps you’re stuck in terms of your career, stuck with family, stuck with friends, or perhaps just generally stuck with the current chapter of your journey. I’ve gone through this […]

What I’ve learned from the first six weeks of pursuing a career as a writer.

It’s hard to believe it’s already been nearly two months since I left full-time employment, in order to focus on building a new career as a writer. These six weeks have been both interesting and challenging for a variety of reasons, and I thought it would be wise to get a few thoughts down while […]

The latest poem from ‘Autumn Haze’ was inspired by a popular Finnish singer.

“Turunen” by Conrad Schwellnus Wanderlust, you are my embrace, The lines of pain ring heavily on your face. Did the others leave you bothered, recall your vanity yet, The team without an ‘I’, a wave of pure regret. You walk alone at the behest of yourself, Dig a little deeper, there’s still magic on the […]

This is “Flourish”, the the next piece of the ‘Autumn Haze’ puzzle.

“Flourish” by Conrad Schwellnus Clear is kind, like the depths of your sorrow, A heart of steel, you will surely need to borrow. Perhaps you can lend it to feed your hungry soul? A lifetime of lies, no longer taking their toll. Bested by those who loved their own reflections, Using their kin in resolution […]