“Safely in my Heart”, the next poem in the ‘Autumn Haze’ series, is all about the courage to be your true self.

“Safely in my Heart” by Conrad Schwellnus Keep shining little boy, No matter your preference, nor the colors bringing you joy. You can be who you want, even in a world ever cruel, One day it will all be over, with your victory in the duel. Sparkle in pink, you wear it oh so well, […]

Inspired by a chance encounter, “Pink Scarf” is the next poem to be published as part of the ‘Autumn Haze’ anthology.

“Pink Scarf” by Conrad Schwellnus Pink scarf, you smile at me, A drawing of my soul, this is somewhat sure to be. The reason that we’re here, in this moment we connect, Hook, line and sinker, are we in the ship to wreck? A shadow lurks in peace, alive beyond your years, Your rings are […]

Let’s talk about some things to try when you start to feel a little bit stuck.

We’ve all been there. You wake up one morning, and for whatever reason, you realise that you’ve become a little bit stuck in your life. Perhaps you’re stuck in terms of your career, stuck with family, stuck with friends, or perhaps just generally stuck with the current chapter of your journey. I’ve gone through this […]

The latest poem from ‘Autumn Haze’ was inspired by a popular Finnish singer.

“Turunen” by Conrad Schwellnus Wanderlust, you are my embrace, The lines of pain ring heavily on your face. Did the others leave you bothered, recall your vanity yet, The team without an ‘I’, a wave of pure regret. You walk alone at the behest of yourself, Dig a little deeper, there’s still magic on the […]

This is “Flourish”, the the next piece of the ‘Autumn Haze’ puzzle.

“Flourish” by Conrad Schwellnus Clear is kind, like the depths of your sorrow, A heart of steel, you will surely need to borrow. Perhaps you can lend it to feed your hungry soul? A lifetime of lies, no longer taking their toll. Bested by those who loved their own reflections, Using their kin in resolution […]

Here is “I Dream in Black and White”, the next poem in the ‘Autumn Haze’ anthology.

“I Dream in Black and White” by Conrad Schwellnus I dream in black and white, I see in shades of grey. Nothing about anything always feels quite right, A life of your own, you simply cannot delay. Mourn the emancipation, let go of the grip, Alone you may just fall, perhaps you stay and trip. […]

The podcast has landed, and as you can tell, I’m all sorts of emotional, excited and scared.

I have to admit that seeing it pop up on Spotify was quite something and I may have gotten just a little bit emotional (and done a dance in the kitchen). I do quite a bit of talking in the episode so I’ll keep this post brief — I just wanted to say thank you […]

I’m hosting a brand new lifestyle podcast, and of course it has a cheeky title! Happy to finally share some details with you.

It’s been five years since I did my last radio show, but I’m thrilled to get behind the mic again, hosting Wellness with the Schwellnus, a brand new lifestyle podcast launching on Spotify on Thursday the 25th of April. The show, which will be exclusive to Spotify for 24 hours, will be syndicated to other streaming […]

The next chapter in the ‘Autumn Haze’ anthology is here — read “Knife Party” now.

“Knife Party” by Conrad Schwellnus Let’s throw a knife party, Our highs take on a new life, When you’re done sipping on the Bacardi, Will you start to let go of your wife? Take away the pressure, we dance intimately, Stroke my hair as I begin to feel you in a dream, Shake your body, […]

Here is the second poem from ‘Autumn Haze’ — this is “Hearts at Half Mast”.

“Hearts at Half Mast” by Conrad Schwellnus Let’s bond as a family, with our smartphones in check, Eyes fixed on the television, in public we shall forget. The elders converse with their hearts at half mast, Exhausted from keeping the week afloat — now with some freedom at last. Sit by yourself sweet miss, your […]