Embarking on a 50 day challenge to start healing my tricky relationship with food.

I’ve always had a tricky relationship with food — it’s usually been more of an emotional crutch, because I’ve never really learned how to cook and usually tend to go for more efficient food options, rather than making the most nutritious choices. If it was up to me, I’d swallow a pill every morning that […]

This is the first piece of work from ‘Autumn Haze’ — here is “Yanked”.

“Yanked” by Conrad Schwellnus Yanked against my will, Towards a life I never wanted. You asked me to be still, Forget a childhood of enchantment. A distant memory lurks, but I’m with family now, You are what I wanted… we knew each other so well. Untainted by your words and passions somehow, Behind the shades, […]

I’m publishing my first anthology, ‘Autumn Haze’.

Earlier this week, I got some good news about “Roaming”, a poem I wrote about the life and career of the legendary Whitney Houston, which came in third place in the first writing competition I entered. The poem (quite surprisingly) was read by over 1,100 people on Instagram, which gave me the confidence to start […]

How my mental health journey became a process of personal reinvention.

You are pursuing your passion. Remember this on the good and the bad days. Life is a journey. You are but a sea fish, swept along the current, sucked in and spat out in continual motion. Everything as and when it should be. Adjust and recover accordingly. You are not in control. Love yourself. Go […]

123 days into my depression recovery journey, I’ve started using a new night time affirmation, which I wanted to share with you.

– Conrad was here.