The publication of my second anthology, ‘Encomia’, kicks off today with the first English poem I wrote this year.

“Roaming”by Conrad Schwellnus She wandered the earth, an angel,Broken by a spirit of trust — Commanding the masses,But carry her family, she absolutely must. In her meandering, she fumbles, she’s done —But where were the coin smugglers in your troubled days?I weep for you, Ms. Houston, roaming even in death,A legacy of a ghost, but a […]

The ‘Autumn Haze’ anthology officially draws to a close with the final poem in the series, “The Ledge”.

“The Ledge”by Conrad Schwellnus Bare my soul, I am exposed,My mind and body widely predisposed.To management standards, alive in a dream,Stoic and passive as a wave crashes over me. Pour into the depths, greet the tall dark stranger,I might do better searching for a crib and a manger.Stroking my ego while a downfall does begin,Raise […]

“Feins” — the second last poem from the ‘Autumn Haze’ anthology — was particularly difficult to publish, but it’s here.

“Feins”by Conrad Schwellnus Silently quiet, silently curious,A depth you imagine as the crux of notorious. Look past the creation, a gaze brings you more trouble,As you feed your temperance, heeding a life within a bubble. Sip from the glass, the lemon bitters your palate,As far removed as the time of Sir Mallet. Did you forget […]

“Dorian”— the next poem from ‘Autumn Haze’ — is a tribute to one of literature’s greatest poets and playwrights.

“Dorian” by Conrad Schwellnus Dorian’s picture is gray, so faded, I cannot even say — — what it means to me anymore. Find what I used to find alluring, But the brush strokes of your mind demurring. What lurks behind the picture, a notion ever Wilde, Selfish and a need to be liked, just like […]

This is “Flourish”, the the next piece of the ‘Autumn Haze’ puzzle.

“Flourish” by Conrad Schwellnus Clear is kind, like the depths of your sorrow, A heart of steel, you will surely need to borrow. Perhaps you can lend it to feed your hungry soul? A lifetime of lies, no longer taking their toll. Bested by those who loved their own reflections, Using their kin in resolution […]

Here is “I Dream in Black and White”, the next poem in the ‘Autumn Haze’ anthology.

“I Dream in Black and White” by Conrad Schwellnus I dream in black and white, I see in shades of grey. Nothing about anything always feels quite right, A life of your own, you simply cannot delay. Mourn the emancipation, let go of the grip, Alone you may just fall, perhaps you stay and trip. […]