The next chapter in the ‘Autumn Haze’ anthology is here — read “Knife Party” now.

“Knife Party” by Conrad Schwellnus Let’s throw a knife party, Our highs take on a new life, When you’re done sipping on the Bacardi, Will you start to let go of your wife? Take away the pressure, we dance intimately, Stroke my hair as I begin to feel you in a dream, Shake your body, […]

Here is the second poem from ‘Autumn Haze’ — this is “Hearts at Half Mast”.

“Hearts at Half Mast” by Conrad Schwellnus Let’s bond as a family, with our smartphones in check, Eyes fixed on the television, in public we shall forget. The elders converse with their hearts at half mast, Exhausted from keeping the week afloat — now with some freedom at last. Sit by yourself sweet miss, your […]

This is the first piece of work from ‘Autumn Haze’ — here is “Yanked”.

“Yanked” by Conrad Schwellnus Yanked against my will, Towards a life I never wanted. You asked me to be still, Forget a childhood of enchantment. A distant memory lurks, but I’m with family now, You are what I wanted… we knew each other so well. Untainted by your words and passions somehow, Behind the shades, […]