The latest poem from ‘Autumn Haze’ was inspired by a popular Finnish singer.

“Turunen” by Conrad Schwellnus Wanderlust, you are my embrace, The lines of pain ring heavily on your face. Did the others leave you bothered, recall your vanity yet, The team without an ‘I’, a wave of pure regret. You walk alone at the behest of yourself, Dig a little deeper, there’s still magic on the […]

This is “Flourish”, the the next piece of the ‘Autumn Haze’ puzzle.

“Flourish” by Conrad Schwellnus Clear is kind, like the depths of your sorrow, A heart of steel, you will surely need to borrow. Perhaps you can lend it to feed your hungry soul? A lifetime of lies, no longer taking their toll. Bested by those who loved their own reflections, Using their kin in resolution […]